ICRS Privacy Policy

The European Union has recently brought in to effect new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), designed to ensure that organisations do not misuse the information that they hold on individuals. With this and other data protection issues in mind, the International Society for Reef Studies wishes to assure members that the Society is committed to protecting the privacy of members and maintaining the security of their data.

In line with the requirements of the GDPR, we have developed a privacy policy (see the draft below) and would welcome members comments on this. We have also appointed a person to oversee the proper handling of personal data. Note that this personal data includes not only the information provided by a member themselves, but also data collected automatically via computerised systems (such as IP addresses), and other information that may be added by the Society to a member’s record (such as a change of affiliation).

The key elements of the policy are that:

  1. The personal data of members will be available to the officers of the Society and to the Society’s Membership Services to use in communicating with current and recent members and fulfilling the purposes of the Society, but will be held securely so that they cannot be accessed by third parties.
  1. The personal data of members will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of:
    1. The company, SGMeet, that provides Membership Services to the Society
    2. The company, Springer, that publishes the Society’s academic journal, Coral Reefs
    3. The organising committees of ICRS sponsored or supported scientific conferences
    4. Other members who may reasonably be expected to need such details in order to fulfil the expected functions of the Society
    5. Other organisations who may be contracted to provide essential services requiring access to membership data
    6. These members and organisations will in turn be required to respect the Privacy Policy of the Society and not pass members’ details to other third parties.
  2. Members’ details, including their contact details and professional interests, will normally be included in the Members’ Directory, which is available on-line in the member’s area to other paid-up members, however:
    1. Access to the directory by other members shall be on condition they do not make improper use of this information.
    2. Members may indicate on joining the Society or on paying their annual membership dues if they do not wish their details to be included in the Directory.
    3. Members may amend or delete their details in the Directory at any time, either personally on-line or by contacting the Society’s Membership Services.
  3. Members may amend or delete the details that the Society holds on them, either on-line or by contacting either the Society’s Membership Services or its Corresponding or Recording Secretary. Members may also request that their details not be passed to any third parties other than SGMeet, which maintains membership details on behalf of the Society.

The ICRS Privacy Policy Document

The Working Draft of the detailed ICRS Privacy Policy Document may be downloaded here as a pdf file: ICRS Privacy Policy Ver RO2.